Amazon Lightsail makes WordPress hosting a breeze

June 2nd, 2020

Budget web hosts may soon be an endangered species if WordPress hosting on Amazon Lightsail goes mainstream. It is hands-down the easiest setup I’ve ever encountered for a hosting environment. Leveraging the streamlined Bitnami stack for WordPress, Lightsail is about as close as you can get to a point-and-click setup.

Hosting costs for the entry-level tier (which is probably all most smaller businesses need) is $3.50/month. If you want to keep a rolling seven days of daily web server snapshots, that will run you a whopping $0.35/month.

Of course, this is just the hosting—you still need a website. Lightsail doesn’t build your site for you, but it goes a long way toward demystifying the setup step. This frees you up to build a site around one of the default WordPress themes, install a new theme you have downloaded from elsewhere, or hire a professional developer to create your site and upload it to your Lightsail server. No matter which way you go, Lightsail simplified the process, and that’s a good thing.